our reflexology & massage services

Our services go beyond a small spa service, we are also mobile and are quite educated
with the corporate and medical field.


We offer a wide range of full body massage sessions, techniques and modalities, including: Swedish, Northern Thai, Cranial, Myofascial, Massage Cupping, Prenatal and Infant. Treat yourself by adding Hot Stones and Aromatherapy to your session. Missy is qualified to work with all age groups, including infants and pregnant women.


Reflexology is a theory and a therapy that uses the feet as a map, or mirror, of the whole body. Each foot has over 7,000 nerve endings, which relate to the internal structure of the body (internal organs and glands). Calcium, which is circulated in the blood, is deposited at these nerve endings. This can cause blockage and imbalance disturbing the internal functions of the body. Reflexology can be used to restore and maintain the body’s natural sense of balance and encourage healing.

The Reflexologist uses a relaxation technique and acupressure finger movements to stimulate the body functions. There are times when a sensitive area might be detected due to a nerve blockage.

Corporate Services

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Corporate Services include Chair Massage, Health Fairs and Reflexology sessions. We have serviced companies as big as Cameron Iron Works/Schlumberger, Seidel Schroeder, and Brazos Valley Company.

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Rehabilitation Massage Services

We help you where conventional medicine nor your body has healed the body completely.Sessions to aid in scar tissue release and help improve lack of mobility due to accident trauma, stroke or surgeries will help you maintain your mental and physical health.

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Doula Assistant & Couple Training

I train couples to feel confident with the birthing process and help them from 13 weeks to the full delivery. We use Massage and Reflexology techniques to naturally enhance the body’s mechanism to deliver more smoothly. I work well with Doulas, Midwives & Nurse Practitioners. Availability limited to 2 clients a year, due to the intensity of the process.

For more information contact us for our package rates and availabilities.

Couple & Infant Massage Lessons

Easy instruction, one on one, to enhance your ability to give your spouse or infant a relaxing  massage. We suggest scheduling an appointment with your partner or child to understand the instruction visually and manually.

Recommended Products

Missy recommends the following products: Doterra, Nature Sunshine, Solle and Youngliving Products. You can purchase these by contacting Missy.

Being an instructor for my former Massage School helped me to be able to teach others in a comfortable, yet effective manner. – Missy

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We also accept payment over the phone for your convenience.Call for Details (832) 282-1914

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